HH Recruitment

CV Assitance

CV Assistance – is an effective recruitment tool aimed at hiring entry level positions. There are cases when public announcements do not deliver enough qualified candidates to finalize the recruitment process for a given position. The process provides a good opportunity to attract additional candidates that meet the selection criteria, but have missed the opportunity to apply when the vacancy was posted on the web.

Our experienced team of Sourcers contacts and attracts additional candidates to apply for an opening, thus proving employer with additional pool of qualified candidates.

Step 1 – Planning

  • Defining client needs and job profile
  • Providing information regarding average salary ranges on the market
  • Preparation of job description and job posting

Step 2 – Search

  • Publishing information over the web, social media, career centers, etc.
  • Database search (HH.ge; HR.ge; LinkedIn)
  • Candidate screening

Step 3 – Assessment

  • Phone/online interview with the candidate
  • Short-listing of the best fit candidates

Step 4 – Presentation & Presentation

  • Preparation of the candidate report and presenting the shortlist to the client
  • Organizing job interviews with the client